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    3 Mar '14, 19:31Benno

    Comment left on profile of Centropyge eibli

    Hi ReefDog,

    Am sure my friend has one of these but he called it a Weeble Dwarf or something like that if I remember right.

    He loved it, said the same as you about it having loads of character :-)

    31 Jan '14, 18:12Benno

    Comment left on profile of Macropharyngodon bipartitus

    Alright StigMan.

    I have heard that they stay hidden for up to 10 days. They probably come out at night to check the tank out and get their own territory

    May be a few mroe days before you get to see them in the daytime

    31 Jan '14, 17:59Benno

    Comment left on compatibility of Amphiprion ocellaris and Amblyeleotris guttata

    Well yes they are, look at all those green ticks :-)

    Just make sure your tank is 20 gallons or above and you should be fine.

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